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About Spartan

Originating from the Netherlands, Spartan are the perfect example of a band which combines Power Metal and Death Metal! Their lyrics are inspired by tales of ancient Greek mythology and are themed around heroic battles, gods and demi-gods in a glorious ode to the past. The energetic elements of power metal perfectly blend with harsh vocals riling up the audience for the twin-guitar melodies and pounding rhythm section.

Following the release of their first EP 'For Glory' in 2009 and the ‘The Fall of Olympus’ album in 2015, they embarked on a tour across Europe. The success of the album speaks for itself as Spartan performed with the likes of Marduk, Septic Flesh, Moonspell, Negura Bunget and Greek legends Rotting Christ.

Their latest album has been recorded at the legendary Top Floor studios in Gothenburg (SE), inspired by the city’s rich metal culture, and engineered by Jakob Herrmann. On top of that, the material was mixed and mastered by one of the greatest producers in the current metal industry, Jacob Hansen. With this team of heavy metal heavyweights, the production is sure to blow your mind!

Spartan will continue marching in Phalanx formation, having pledged to conquer the hearts and souls of every true metalhead out there.

For glory they fight in their quest to besiege every country in the world.

They are ready to take the stage and by the Gods they shall!


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